Adored by the Devil [v0.8] APK Download for Android, PC

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28 June 2024
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Imagine stepping into a world where fantasy intertwines with the modern, where danger lurks in unexpected corners, and protection comes in the form of an intriguing narrative. Adored by the Devil APK invites you into such a realm, blending fantasy elements with a contemporary setting to deliver a unique adult visual novel (VN) experience.

Adored by the Devil Game Download


In Adored by the Devil APK, you assume the role of a protagonist tasked with safeguarding a family of three women from potential threats. As the main character (MC), you immerse yourself in their lives by moving in with them. What unfolds next is a journey of choices, relationships, and unfolding mysteries. The gameplay revolves around making decisions that impact the storyline and relationships with the characters. Every choice you make influences how the narrative progresses, offering multiple paths and endings to explore.


Set in a world where supernatural forces and human emotions collide, Adored by the Devil creates a gripping narrative centered on protection, temptation, and the complexities of relationships. The MC’s mission to protect the family unfolds amidst secrets, desires, and unforeseen challenges, making each playthrough a fresh experience. The visual novel format ensures that storytelling takes precedence, with detailed artwork and engaging dialogues bringing characters and scenes to life.


Engaging Storyline: Experience a compelling narrative where fantasy and reality blur, driven by the MC’s mission and relationships with the three women.

Decision-Based Gameplay: Your choices shape the story, influencing character interactions, plot twists, and ultimately, the outcome.

Artistic Visuals: Immerse yourself in beautifully crafted artwork that enhances the atmosphere and emotions of the story.

Multiple Endings: Explore different outcomes based on your decisions, encouraging replayability to uncover all possible paths.


Adored by the Devil APK offers a captivating blend of fantasy and adult visual novel elements, appealing to those seeking a narrative-driven gaming experience. With its engaging storyline, decision-based gameplay, and artistic visuals, it invites players into a world where every choice matters. Whether you’re drawn to its fantasy themes or intrigued by its narrative twists, this VN promises an immersive journey filled with suspense, romance, and supernatural intrigue.

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