Fetish Locator (W3) v3.2.9 APK Download for Android, PC

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28 June 2024
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Fetish Locator APK is a captivating Visual Novel that immerses players into a compelling narrative. The buzz around campus centers on the latest app, Fetish Locator! Every day, adventurous students engage in challenges and earn points by sharing photos. Our protagonist joins the fray with a singular goal: amassing enough points to attend an exclusive party and fulfill a long-held desire.

Fetish Locator Game Download


In Fetish Locator APK, players navigate a story driven experience where choices shape the outcome. As our protagonist, you interact with various characters, each offering unique challenges and rewards. The gameplay revolves around completing tasks, capturing moments through photos, and strategically navigating social dynamics to achieve your objectives. Your decisions influence not only your progress but also the relationships and outcomes within the storyline.


Developed as a visual novella, Fetish Locator blends storytelling with interactive gameplay. Set in a vibrant campus environment, the game explores themes of ambition, desire, and the complexities of modern relationships. Players delve into the protagonist’s journey, balancing academic life with the pursuit of personal goals, all against the backdrop of a technologically infused social scene.


Fetish Locator APK boasts several standout features:

Interactive Storytelling: Your choices impact the narrative, leading to multiple endings.

Photo Challenges: Capture moments and earn points to advance in the game.

Character Relationships: Build connections with other characters, influencing the story’s direction.

Visual Excellence: Engaging visuals enhance the immersive experience, bringing the campus and its inhabitants to life.


In conclusion, Fetish Locator APK offers an engaging blend of visual novel storytelling and interactive gameplay. With its compelling narrative and innovative features, it promises players a journey filled with intrigue, challenges, and the pursuit of personal desires. Whether you’re drawn to its thematic depth or the thrill of decision making, Fetish Locator invites you to explore a world where every choice matters.

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