Futakin Valley [v0.035.4] APK Download for Android, PC

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28 June 2024
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Futakin Valley APK is an action platformer game that follows the journey of Nene, a spirited futanari girl with a passion for mushrooms. In this adventurous tale, Nene finds herself tumbling into a mysterious valley during her quest to reach the fabled mushroom village. Her mission? Escape the treacherous valley and fulfill her destiny amidst the fungal wonders of her dreams.

Futakin Valley Game Download


In Futakin Valley APK, players control Nene as she navigates through a series of challenging platformer levels. The gameplay is centered around exploring the valley, overcoming obstacles, and collecting various mushrooms that serve as power-ups. Players will encounter puzzles, enemies, and environmental hazards that test their skills and reflexes. The goal is to guide Nene safely through each level, using her unique abilities to progress towards the mushroom village.


Created by indie developer Studio Shroom, Futakin Valley blends engaging gameplay with a whimsical storyline. The game’s setting is inspired by lush, vibrant landscapes and mystical creatures, offering players a visually captivating experience. The character of Nene, with her cheerful demeanor and love for mushrooms, adds a charming touch to the narrative as she embarks on her adventure-filled journey.


Unique Character Abilities: Nene’s futanari nature grants her special abilities, such as enhanced agility and the ability to interact with magical mushrooms.

Challenging Levels: Each level in Futakin Valley presents new challenges and puzzles, keeping gameplay fresh and exciting.

Beautiful Art Style: Enjoy handcrafted pixel art and lively animations that bring the valley and its inhabitants to life.

Exploration and Discovery: Discover hidden secrets, unlock new areas, and uncover the mysteries of the valley as you progress.


Futakin Valley promises players an immersive platformer experience with its blend of charming characters, challenging gameplay, and enchanting visuals. Whether you’re a fan of platformer games or simply love a good adventure, Nene’s journey through the valley offers hours of entertainment. Download Futakin Valley APK today and join Nene on her quest to find her way home to the mushroom village!

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