Nudist School [v0.12.1] APK Download for Android, PC

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28 June 2024
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You are transferred to a new school, which is also where your childhood friend is currently studying. It is an all-female school, but you somehow end up there due to a registry error. Or is it not a coincidence? The school facilities are excellent, with a high reputation and prestige. However, there is a catch. The government often sends projects to the school, and the recent project requires the students to be nudist. How does it feel to be a nudist with your classmates and your teachers? Would everything go well, or will it end up in a total disaster? Find out more by playing it!

Nudist School Game Download


In Nudist School APK, players find themselves navigating the unexpected and unique environment of an all-female school. As the main character, you will explore different parts of the school, engage in various activities, and interact with other students and teachers. The gameplay focuses on building relationships and understanding the dynamics of this unusual setting. Players will experience the challenges and humorous moments that arise from being in a nudist school.


Nudist School APK is an interactive simulation game that combines elements of adventure and storytelling. The game provides a fresh perspective on school life, highlighting themes of acceptance, body positivity, and social dynamics. The storyline is engaging, with well-developed characters and unexpected twists. The developers aimed to create a thought-provoking and entertaining experience that challenges societal norms and encourages players to think about the importance of confidence and self-acceptance.


Unique Setting: Experience the daily life of a student in an all-female nudist school with high prestige and modern facilities.

Engaging Storyline: Follow an intriguing plot that involves unexpected twists and the exploration of complex relationships.

Interactive Gameplay: Make choices that affect your relationships with classmates and teachers, influencing the outcome of the game.

Character Development: Get to know diverse characters, each with their own background and personality.

Beautiful Graphics: Enjoy detailed and visually appealing graphics that bring the school and its surroundings to life.

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