Special Request [v2.1] APK Download for Android, PC

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23 June 2024
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Special Request APK introduces players to a gripping narrative where choices shape the destiny of Laura, a successful businesswoman ensnared in a web of corruption and blackmail. After a night out with friends takes a dark turn, Laura finds herself under the control of a powerful crime syndicate, dictating every facet of her life. The storyline delves into themes of humiliation, prostitution, and various fetishes, promising an immersive experience that challenges players to influence Laura’s path through critical decisions.

Special Request Game Download


In Special Request APK, players assume the role of decision-makers for Laura, influencing her responses to the challenges orchestrated by the mafia. Each choice affects Laura’s personality and the unfolding mystery that surrounds her. Will players guide her towards submission or empower her to resist and fight back against her oppressors? The interactive gameplay ensures that every decision counts, shaping the outcome of Laura’s journey and determining the price she must pay for her freedom.


This interactive novel APK offers a unique blend of storytelling and player agency. It presents:

Compelling Narrative: Immerse yourself in a dark tale of crime and intrigue as Laura navigates the consequences of her involuntary entanglement with the mafia.

Choice-based Decisions: Your decisions influence Laura’s personality and determine the direction of the plot, allowing for multiple story paths and endings.

Exploration of Themes: Delve into complex themes such as corruption, blackmail, and the psychological toll of manipulation, all woven into a gripping narrative experience.

Customizable Experience: Tailor Laura’s responses to events, exploring different facets of her character and uncovering various story arcs depending on your choices.


Special Request APK invites players into a world where morality, power, and personal integrity collide. Through its immersive narrative and interactive gameplay, the game challenges you to navigate Laura’s journey, shaping her fate with each decision made. Whether she succumbs to the pressures imposed upon her or rises to defy them is in your hands. Explore the depths of this provocative storyline and discover the true cost of control in Laura’s turbulent life.

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