7 Islands Domain (18+) v1.0 APK for Android | PC

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3 June 2024
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You’ve just moved into the captivating world of 7 Islands Domain APK. This new adventure awaits you with a mix of challenges and temptations. At your new university, you’ll meet many intriguing characters, including professors and students. Your journey doesn’t stop there; the people living in your building and those who share your living space add more layers to your exciting new life. Can you navigate through these encounters and satisfy everyone’s expectations?

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In 7 Islands Domain APK, players immerse themselves in a unique and interactive storyline. The game revolves around building relationships and making choices that impact your journey. As you navigate through your university life, you’ll encounter various characters, each with their own stories and challenges. The gameplay is designed to keep you engaged with its dynamic interactions and multiple outcomes based on the decisions you make.


7 Islands Domain is an interactive simulation game that puts you in the shoes of a university student. This game blends elements of adventure, romance, and strategy, creating a rich narrative experience. The primary setting is a university and its surroundings, where you interact with different characters, build relationships, and face various temptations. The game’s storyline is both intriguing and immersive, ensuring that players remain captivated throughout their journey.


7 Islands Domain APK boasts several exciting features:

Rich Storyline: An engaging narrative that evolves based on your choices.

Diverse Characters: Interact with a wide range of characters, each with unique personalities and backgrounds.

Multiple Endings: Your decisions influence the outcome, leading to different endings and ensuring replayability.

Interactive Gameplay: Engaging interactions that require strategic thinking and decision-making.

Detailed Graphics: Beautifully designed environments and characters that enhance the gaming experience.


7 Islands Domain APK offers an enthralling journey through the life of a university student. With its rich storyline, diverse characters, and interactive gameplay, it promises an experience filled with excitement and intrigue. Whether you’re building relationships, making critical decisions, or exploring new environments, this game ensures that every moment is engaging. Dive into the world of 7 Islands Domain game and see if you can navigate the challenges and temptations that come your way.

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