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3 June 2024
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In A Foreign World APK, you will experience a captivating story about refugees from another universe. This visual novel introduces a unique plot where two very different worlds collide. Imagine nine women, who have grown up in a post-apocalyptic environment, deciding to leave their harsh reality and seek shelter in a universe they know very little about. As they step onto our earth, their journey unfolds, and you get to be part of it.

A Foreign World Game Download


The central theme of A Foreign World Apk is the clash between two distinct universes. Our main character (MC) is one of the first people to meet this strange group of refugees. These women are not only oddly dressed but also possess abilities far beyond human capabilities. These abilities, considered ordinary in their world, are seen as magical and incredibly powerful in ours. The visual novel explores the challenges faced by these refugees as they navigate their new surroundings and the ensuing conflicts that arise.


The gameplay revolves around interacting with the nine women and helping them adapt to their new environment. As the MC, you will have to confront various challenges from both worlds. The group’s previous life doesn’t easily let them escape, and there is a significant antagonist, Nathaniel, who drives much of the conflict. You will need to form bonds with the women, understand their abilities, and grow stronger to face Nathaniel. Additionally, agents from our world have noticed the arrival of these women and are assessing the threat they pose.


Engaging Storyline: A Foreign World Apk offers a unique and gripping narrative about the clash of two worlds.

Character Development: Build relationships with nine distinct women, each with their own backstory and abilities.

Strategic Challenges: Navigate conflicts and use the abilities of the women to overcome obstacles.

Multiple Endings: Your choices will affect the outcome of the story, leading to various possible endings.

Stunning Visuals: The game features beautiful artwork that brings the characters and their abilities to life.


A Foreign World Apk is a fascinating visual novel that combines elements of science fiction and fantasy. It challenges you to help a group of extraordinary refugees adapt to a new world while dealing with threats from both their past and present. Will you be able to guide them to safety, or will the conflict consume you? Dive into this immersive story and find out if you have what it takes to navigate the complexities of a world where anything is possible.

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