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10 June 2024
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In the bustling cityscape of Miacity University, you, a diligent student, are on the lookout for an internship that not only challenges you but also paves the way for your future career. Fortune smiles on you as you find just the opportunity within Reina’s newly established advertising agency. Reina, a senior class student and an acquaintance, welcomes you to embark on this professional journey. As the narrative unfolds, it becomes clear that the internship is more than just about gaining work experience. The agency, your peers, and even the city itself present challenges that test your resolve and capabilities. Will you rise to protect and succeed?

Dear Reina Game Download

Gameplay of Dear Reina APK

Dear Reina APK offers an engaging gameplay experience that revolves around personal choices and strategic decision-making. As you navigate through your internship, your main objective is to safeguard Reina from the adversities posed by envious peers and the broader dangers of a corrupt city. These challenges manifest in various forms, requiring you to make decisions that not only affect your professional journey but also your personal relationships within the game.


Dear Reina APK is a simulation game that immerses players in a world of advertising, intrigue, and personal dilemmas. Set against the backdrop of Miacity University and Reina’s advertising agency, the game explores themes of loyalty, ambition, and romance. Players get to experience the complexities of managing professional tasks while dealing with interpersonal relationships and moral conflicts.


Dynamic Storyline: Your choices influence the game’s narrative, leading to different outcomes and personal alliances.

Interactive Characters: Engage with a diverse cast of characters each with their unique personalities and backgrounds.

Challenging Scenarios: Face ethical dilemmas and strategic decisions that test your ability to navigate through tough situations.

Visual and Audio Effects: Enjoy captivating graphics and soundtracks that enhance the immersive experience of the game.


Dear Reina APK is more than just a simulation game; it’s a test of your moral compass and strategic acumen in a setting filled with complex relationships and ethical quandaries. Whether you are building a career in advertising or managing personal relationships, the game offers a reflective mirror on the real-world challenges and the choices we make. How you navigate these waters and the alliances you form determine your success or failure in protecting Reina and possibly shaping your destiny within the game’s world. Whether you emerge as a hero in your own tale or merely a spectator will depend on your strength and decisions.

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