Heroes University H [v0.2.7.1] APK Download for Android | PC

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23 May 2024
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Welcome to the world of Heroes University H APK, a captivating eroge visual novel crafted by Salmon Run. In this unique game, you take on the role of a new student at a university dedicated to heroes. Your mission is to uncover a hidden menace lurking within the campus. With an intriguing storyline and engaging gameplay, Heroes University H offers a thrilling experience that keeps players coming back for more.

Heroes University H Game Download


Heroes University H APK is set in a prestigious university where heroes are trained. As the protagonist, you must navigate the challenges of student life while uncovering the secrets that threaten the institution. The game is rich in narrative and character development, allowing players to immerse themselves fully in the story. Each decision you make influences the outcome, adding depth and replayability to the experience.


In Heroes University H APK, players can create their own character and embark on a journey filled with adventure and romance. The primary objective is to identify and stop a villainous secret agent hidden among the students. To achieve this, you must build relationships with various girls at the university. These interactions are crucial for gathering information and gaining allies in your quest.

Exploring the campus is a key aspect of the gameplay. You will use a map to navigate different locations, meet new characters, and participate in various activities. Minigames add an extra layer of fun and challenge, requiring players to use their skills and strategy. The decisions you make during these interactions are vital, especially when using your unique power—a wonder shapeshifter ability that adapts perfectly to each girl.


Character Creation: Customize your protagonist to reflect your preferences and play style.

Relationship Building: Engage with different girls, earn their trust, and go on dates to uncover clues about the hidden menace.

Interactive Map: Navigate the university campus, discovering new locations and secrets.

Minigames: Enjoy a variety of minigames that enhance the gameplay experience.

Unique Abilities: Use your special shapeshifter power to win over the girls and progress in your mission.


Heroes University H APK by Salmon Run is a standout title in the eroge visual novel genre. With its engaging storyline, rich character interactions, and unique gameplay mechanics, it offers a compelling adventure for players. Whether you are a fan of visual novels or new to the genre, Heroes University H promises an exciting and immersive experience. Download the APK and step into the world of heroes today—uncover the secrets, build lasting relationships, and save the university from the hidden menace.

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