Lust of Pain [Rework Ep. 7] APK Download for Android

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15 April 2024
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Lust of Pain APK is an engaging visual novel that tells the story of a character dealing with heartbreak and the challenges of life. Through its captivating storytelling and interactive gameplay, players become immersed in a narrative full of deep emotions and tough decisions.

Lust of Pain Game Download


In Lust of Pain Game, players step into the shoes of a character navigating life after a tough breakup. Dealing with long-term depression, the protagonist seeks comfort and redemption in their daily life. But things take a surprising turn when their father gets caught up in the dealings of a crime organization.


As players progress through Lust of Pain, they face a series of choices that shape how the story unfolds. From building new relationships to uncovering secrets, every decision has consequences. The game seamlessly blends visual novel elements with interactive gameplay, making for an engaging experience.


Compelling Story: Lust of Pain APK offers an intriguing storyline filled with twists and revelations. Players become emotionally invested in the protagonist’s journey as they navigate themes of love, betrayal, and personal growth.

Interactive Choices: The game empowers players to make meaningful decisions that influence the story’s direction. Whether it’s choosing between loyalty and self-preservation or facing moral dilemmas, each choice reflects the player’s unique journey.

Stunning Visuals: With beautiful artwork and immersive visuals, Lust of Pain brings its world to life. From serene landscapes to gritty city scenes, every detail enhances the player’s experience.


In Lust of Pain APK, players embark on a journey of passion, intrigue, and self-discovery. They’ll face tough choices and uncover hidden truths as they navigate through life’s complexities. With its gripping narrative and interactive gameplay, Lust of Pain promises an unforgettable experience.

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