Measuring My Cum [Ch1-4] APK Download for Android

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16 April 2024
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Jacob, a young man, lives with his strict mom, Marge. Even though they don’t always get along, Jacob realizes he has a personal issue with his private parts. He understands he needs to talk to his mom about it.

Measuring My Cum Game Download


In Measuring My Cum game, you follow Jacob’s journey as he deals with his health issue and tries to manage his relationship with his mom. You get to make important decisions for Jacob that affect how the story goes. Each choice you make impacts Jacob’s feelings and how he gets along with Marge.

Features of Measuring My Cum APK:

Emotional Depth: Experience Jacob’s feelings as he deals with his health issue and tries to handle his relationship with his mom.

Decision-making: You get to choose what Jacob does, and each choice changes the story and how Jacob grows as a person.

Dynamic Relationship: See how Jacob and Marge’s relationship changes as they talk through their problems and try to understand each other better.

Realistic Story: The game shows real-life challenges, like family relationships and health problems, in a believable way.

Interactive Storytelling: Get involved in the story by making choices that affect what happens next.


Measuring My Cum APK is a game where you can explore tough situations and make choices that matter. It’s a reminder of how important it is to talk about problems and show understanding and care, just like Jacob does with his mom. With its realistic story and interactive gameplay, Measuring My Cum APK offers an experience that feels very real.

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