Meet The New Neighbors [V0.4] APK Download for Android

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15 April 2024
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Welcome to the game Meet the New Neighbors! In this interactive story, you’ll play as Johnny, a young guy navigating his way through his new community. You’ll encounter nosy neighbors and unexpected situations, and every choice you make will shape Johnny’s journey and affect the world around him.

Meet the New Neighbors Game Download


As Johnny, you’ll face different situations and choices that define how he interacts with his new neighbors. Will you play the protector, watching out for your family? Or maybe you’ll be more of a voyeur, watching the drama unfold from afar. The game progresses through decision points, each leading to different outcomes and storylines.

Features of Meet the New Neighbors Apk:

Dynamic Decision Making: You control Johnny’s actions and responses, influencing what happens in the neighborhood.

Multiple Endings: There are many choices available, leading to different endings that reflect Johnny’s different paths.

Realistic Scenarios: The game captures everyday interactions and unexpected events in a lively community.

Player Agency: Every decision matters, letting you shape Johnny’s personality and relationships with his neighbors.


Meet the New Neighbors Apk lets you dive into the complexities of human relationships in a fun and interactive way. Whether you guide Johnny as a protector or a voyeur, you’re in for surprises and thought-provoking moments. So, what kind of neighbor will Johnny be? It’s up to you.

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