Sexy Beaches (Nutaku) [v2.2.0] APK Download for Android

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10 June 2024
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Imagine a virtual paradise where the sun always shines, the beaches glisten with golden sands, and the possibilities for adventure and romance are endless. Sexy Beaches APK is not just another game; it’s an island construction simulation that invites you to dive into a tropical experience filled with enticing interactions and strategic management. This game combines building, management, and enticing encounters all on a series of lush islands, each inhabited by unique characters with their own aspirations and stories.

Sexy Beaches Game Download


Sexy Beaches APK offers a dynamic gameplay that blends construction simulation with engaging character interactions. Players are tasked with developing various islands, each owned by a different character with specific goals. From residential zones to bustling business sectors, you must manage and expand your territories efficiently. Monitoring the needs of residents and staff is crucial as you strive to maximize profits and growth. As you progress, gaining experience points allows you to enhance your abilities and unlock new building options, ensuring that each island transforms into a thriving paradise.


The game boasts a variety of features that keep the gameplay intriguing:

Diverse Characters: Encounter over 20 unique characters ranging from the adventurous to the downright kinky. Each character comes with their own backstory and preferences, providing a rich tapestry of interactions.

Mini-Games: Take a break from building with exciting mini-games. Compete in powerboat races or try your luck at the wheel of fortune to win special prizes.

Unlockables: Complete quests to unlock intimate photos and animated scenes, adding a personal touch to your gaming experience. Each achievement brings you closer to completing your collection of memories and moments.

Interactive Dialogues: Engage in conversations with the characters to learn more about their desires and secrets. Building relationships leads to more intimate and revealing content, enhancing the depth of your gameplay.


Sexy Beaches APK is more than just a game about building and managing islands—it’s a gateway to virtual interactions filled with excitement and allure. With its combination of strategic building, engaging narratives, and interactive adult content, it promises a captivating and stimulating experience. Whether you’re looking to explore your wildest fantasies or simply escape into a tropical island builder, Sexy Beaches offers a richly rewarding adventure. So, book your virtual flight, and start building not only islands but also connections in this seductive simulation.

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