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11 April 2024
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Shadows of Passion APK introduces players to a captivating historical romance visual novel set in 15th-century France. Players assume the role of Claude Frollo, the Parisian Minister of Justice, as he navigates a complex web of emotions upon encountering the enchanting Cosette Dupont.

Shadows of Passion Game Download


The gameplay of Shadows of Passion revolves around making choices that shape the relationship between Claude and Cosette. Players explore Claude’s emotions, grappling with desires and societal expectations. The branching narrative ensures that each decision has consequences, leading to multiple outcomes and endings.

Features of Shadows of Passion APK:

Historical and Romantic Setting: The game offers an authentic portrayal of medieval France, enhancing the storyline’s charm and romance.

Deep Emotional Exploration: Players delve into Claude Frollo’s complex emotions, exploring themes of desire, obsession, and moral dilemmas.

Branching Narrative: Choices made by players influence the dynamics between Claude and Cosette, offering a personalized gameplay experience.

Crime Scene Investigations: In addition to romance, players engage in crime scene investigations, gathering evidence and uncovering mysteries.

Intense Courtroom Trials: Step into the courtroom setting, presenting arguments and evidence to shape the trial’s outcome. As the game progresses, trials become increasingly challenging.

Progression and Rewards: Successful completion of investigations and trials unlocks new story developments, providing a rewarding gaming experience.


Shadows of Passion (18+ VN Demo) merges historical romance with thrilling crime investigations, offering players an immersive journey filled with desire and moral dilemmas. With its engaging gameplay mechanics and captivating narrative, the game promises an unforgettable experience for players seeking to explore the shadows of desire.

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